Historical Background

The Man behind Darul Falaah

Meeting Sheik Yusuf Abdurahman one can be forgiven for thinking that the Muslem cleric is ­one very ordinary Muslim struggling to make ends meet. His humbleness and down to earth manner strikes you. If you are meeting a Muslim for the first time he surprises you, if the only other Muslim you know is the one made for western television audiences. The Sheik touches your inner heart with his warmth and humility.

His every word and action is so genuine and forthright. Behind this small slim middle-aged man is a hard working workaholic who does not sleep working for the betterment of the disadvantaged people in the community. It just needs a few hours at the Mosque at 30 Road 753 Montford to realise how the poor flock to his mosque to get help of any kind. He will offer all he has. He even gets into his own kitchen to give to the needy. He is on a God send mission as no human being can have such kindness to the extend of rejecting oneself for the sake of serving mankind on behalf of the all Merciful Allah.

Those that have passed through his doors and have seen how he goes out of his way to help, now popularly know him as the Humble Sheik. The Humble Sheik Abdurahman is just amazing.
Behind the wide thick wooden doors of the Mosque he leads, so many plans have been born and implemented with amazing results. As the cleric in charge of the Unit Seven Mosque, Sheik Abdurahman was the teacher of many Hufaz who have gone on to be successful in their own way. Some have followed his example and are now notable Muslim clerics in their own right. Some have gone on and joined other vacations as Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers etc. To the Humble Sheik despite all these notable achievements it remains just another day at the office discharging his duties with so much humility that it is unbelievable.

He continues to teach Islamic studies at the Mosque in what are known as Madressa classes. The Humble Sheik is a strong believer in the Chinese adage that if you want men to eat fish for the rest of their lives teach them to catch fish. To this end, he has established a school running from grade R to grade 12. Here children from disadvantaged backgrounds are given a chance for an education at very little cost or no cost at all.

The school, Darul Falaah College opened its doors in 2006 and the first group of matric learners wrote their exams this year (2009). Because whatever the Humble Sheik touches turns to gold there is no doubt as to what results to expect. The results will just be phenomenal considering the work ethos that he has established in the school for both learners and teachers alike.
In his position, many people would have been tempted to enrich themselves but not the humble Sheikh Abdurahman, he has chosen a modest simple life and all extras that could have created a very comfortable life for him and his family are given to the needy. He goes out of his way to source for food, clothing and cash to assist those that knock at his door crying because they are hungry or they have no shelter. Sheik Abdurahman has remained in the background mostly publicity shy despite his good work. Nobody can tell from interacting with him, the man even has a University education which he could have used to have a materially rewarding career but he choose to serve God. He has sought no publicity but rather gets satisfaction from those who show appreciation of his work. Despite all the challenges and disappointments he meets, everyday he takes all these setbacks within his stride.

The man is on a mission and not just one of those ordinary missions but a divine mission to serve humankind on behalf of the all Merciful Allah.