The Learning Process

According to Roussean “the object of education is not to make a soldier, magistrate or priest, but to make a man.” Total education is of paramount importance since man cannot behave or act like one without the support and benefits of the social structure. Respect for sound Islamic, cultural and social values must form a part of our learners’ education. Darul Falaah College has striven at all times to provide such all round education.

* To empower youth today for leadership tomorrow;

* To encourage the growth of a community of  youth with a strong Islamic Identity, and to contribute to the social and moral growth of a multicultural society, through training and mobilization;

* To foster self- discovery through precept and example, by offering workshops towards developing self esteem and self-confidence;

* To encourage entrepreneurial skills and economical empowerment, with practical experiences from an early age.

* To enlighten the youth about current global issues affecting the Muslim Ummah and the world at large;

* To develop respect for others and the environment by exploring and embracing diversity and building social responsibility;

* To educate and equip youth to become involved in the care and support of the infected or affected individuals with AIDS

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