DFC Welfare Aid Program

Darul Falaah provides educational empowerment opportunities to the community through its welfare aid program.

The program is designed to provide financial assistance to affected families and individuals, helping them to secure affordable education, transport to and from school, accommodation to avoid homelessness and feeding to the needy.

Family Foster Care Project

At Darul Falaah, we undertake the Family Foster Care Project to ensure that children have safe, nurturing temporary homes. These temporary homes are safe and nurturing by trained foster parents and supervising the families while the children are in their care.

This program is designed to provide relief and aid to children who are affected by broken- and single parent homes, street- and homeless children.

Even though children may have permanent homes, when children have a place where they feel comfortable and supported, they can focus on their school work and discover their hidden talents. We at Darul Falaah provide some of our children with such a decent place for the enrichment of their education at our institution.

Through this program, Darul Falaah ensure children have a place to live, that the home is free from violence and that children are given the basic care they need even when their parents are unable to provide it.

Homemaker Project

We are proud to provide The Homemaker project which is a bedrock of support for families facing crises that threaten their ability to stay safely together. We help parents care for their children and manage their homes in times of upheaval.

This project provides services needed by children in their homes and out of family foster care. These services include meal preparation, childcare, bringing children to school and housekeeping.

Feeding Project

Darul Falaah is proud of its students’ initiative to embark on projects to secure food and clothing hampers for the poor. Feeding the poor, the needy, the unemployed and the local community going without a meal has become an essential task for our institution and it is our privilege to partake in this feeding venture.

Education For All

We at Darul Falaah believe that everyone should have the chance of a good quality, affordable, basic, public education and we are here to ensure ‘Education for all’. We bring together well wishers, charities, activists, academics and a lot of organisations to support us in providing quality education to all children.

We are committed to achieving Education for all and aim to meet the learning needs of all children. To help us we have set goals amongst them include;

  • Expanding early childhood care and education
  • Provide free and compulsory primary education for all
  • Promote learning and life skills for all
  • Increase literacy
  • Achieve gender parity and gender equality
  • Improve the quality of education

These children could be our next generation’s leaders, teachers, lawyers, doctors, journalists, you name it. They shouldn’t be denied the chance to go to school. Education beats poverty and gives people the tools to help themselves.

We have embraced the 1GOAL concept and aim to ensure that a significant number of the previously denied children of the world receive a relevant education.

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