Live your dreams from DFC

It is a dream come true for the College, Learners, Parents, Educators and indeed our Financiers and Donors, as students from this institution manage to pursue their careers and achieve their dreams.  

From humble beginnings, various challenges and obstacles which Darul Falaah College has managed to successfully override, the school boasts of the following achievements;


2009 Matric Results: 100% pass rate

Special mention goes to Zahira and Zakiya for all their achievements here at Darul Falaah till they managed to live their dreams of studying medicine at Cape Town University.

Computer Lab

We are proud to announce that we have managed to achieve setting up a computer lab with the help of Iqraa Trust. As life  is swiftly turning  digital, we are moving with technology as  our learners  take Computer Application Technology which will equip them with expertise for everyday life.

The Computer Lab is equipped to an extent that our learners do not have to share a computer. Also provided are Internet facilities which are a valuable tool in the education process. We also provide technologically aided lessons for academic excellence.

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